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10oz Silver Buffalo Replica Bars and 1oz Buffalo Replica Rounds are on a 4-5 Week Shipping Delay at this time.

Blank 4 X 7 Heavy Duty Cloth Coin Bag - Empty

Blank 4 X 7 Heavy Duty Cloth Coin Bag - Empty

Check/Wire Price:  $3.50
CC/PayPal Price:  $3.61

Blank 4 inches wide by 7 inches tall Non Branded Heavy Duty Cloth Coin Bag - Empty (no coins included)

Made of heavy duty canvas type cloth featuring the typical coin bag 'tie' at the top.

Canvas Bags for Coins

These empty non-branded heavy duty canvas cloth coin bags are ideal for holding your coin collections. Sort out your coin collection (whatever it may be) and store them in these coin bags. These can also make nice gift bags for fellow collectors.

Ideal for small bags of 40% and 90% Silver coins like Mercury, Morgan and Peace. These bags can easily hold up to 3 Pounds of Mixed Foreign Coins as well.