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SilverTowne Pony 1 Kilo .999 Silver Cast Bar
SKU: 10-02-001554
AS LOW AS:Check/Wire Price: $849.28
CC/PayPal Price:   $874.76
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SilverTowne Pony 1 Kilo .999 Silver Cast Bar 2pc
SKU: 99-00-005180
AS LOW AS:Check/Wire Price: $1,685.71
CC/PayPal Price:   $1,736.28
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SilverTowne Pony 100oz .999 Silver Cast Bar
SKU: 10-02-001555
AS LOW AS:Check/Wire Price: $2,611.63
CC/PayPal Price:   $2,689.98
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SilverTowne Cast Pony Express Bars

In the world of silver there are multitudes of available options and designs to browse through and choose from; however, there are three main styles of silver bullion: machine stamped, cast and hand poured.

Cast bars have gained a lot of attention for their raw esthetic appearance - our customers love the look! Producing cast silver bars does take a bit more time than machine stamped bullion but less than hand-poured due to the manual process. In order to create these cast bars, silver shot is first placed inside cast molds then ran through a flameless tunnel to heat up and melt the silver into rectangle shapes. A SilverTowne craftsmen will then remove the bar from the tunnel and hand-stamp each bar with the Pony Express Logo along with the Troy Ounce Weight and Fineness and the SilverTowne Mint mint-mark. This process makes each and every poured bar unique for you!

Cast Silver Bar Pricing

All of the primary bullion items sold by SilverTowne are priced in correspondence with the current spot market price at the time of purchase. The spot market is a public financial market that tracks the immediate going rate for different commodities, such as precious metals, at any given time. Here at SilverTowne, we want to ensure that all of our customers are getting the 'best bang for their buck'! That is why pricing on every one of our bullion products is updated all day long to move with the live market. We also offer volume discounts on several of our most popular pieces, take advantage of all of our bulk silver deals now!

Buy Cast Silver Bars Direct from the Mint | Quality Guaranteed

Here at SilverTowne, the majority of silver bullion items offered are actually designed and produced at the SilverTowne mint! From our large selection of stamped designs to our cast silver bars we are positive you'll find exactly what you are looking for at SilverTowne. All .999 fine silver bars for sale at SilverTowne are 100% quality guaranteed! With high quality standards and a lasting industry reputation, SilverTowne has been your trusted coin and bullion dealer since 1949 and has been manufacturing our own silver bullion bars and silver rounds since 1973.