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100 Greatest American Currency Notes Series: Series of 1869 to 1880 $10 Legal Tender "Jackass Note"

It seems as if currency more than any other numismatic product has nicknames for certain notes that end up sticking with the original more than its actual introductory title. That is especially the case with our next entry in the 100 Greatest American Currency Notes blog series covering the Whitman Publishing series. Authors Q. David Bowers and David M. Sundman helped us navigate not only how it received its popular nickname, but the other design features that made it a part of the top 100 list.

#71 - Series of 1869 to 1880 $10 Legal Tender “Jackass Note”

The popularity of the $10 Legal Tender “Jackass Note” stems from a very simple reasoning: the eagle at the very bottom center of the face appears to look like the head of a donkey when turned upside down. As a series whole, the 1869 F-96 is the more

100 Greatest American Currency Notes Series: Series of 1869 to 1880 $10 Legal Tender "Jackass Note"
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