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100 Greatest U.S. Coins Series: 1848 Cal. Liberty Head Quarter Eagle

While we all know the major impact the California gold rush had on the country as a whole, sometimes we forget how much of an impact it had on United States coinage. We focus a lot on silver as a hobby, but we also know there are a lot of collectors out there who only deal in gold. When it comes to coins alone, gold tends to be more rare, more expensive, and more out of reach, especially when it comes to older ones.

In this edition of the 100 Greatest United States Coins blog series focusing on Whitman Publishing’s top 100 list, we will take a look at a direct result of the California gold rush that ended up being a rare issue and highly sought after vintage gold coin from United States history. Author Jeff Garrett will help guide us through this incredible rarity.

#63 – 1848 “Cal.” Liberty Head Quarter Eagle

When James Marshall found a gold nugget at Sutter’s Mill on the American River more

100 Greatest U.S. Coins Series: 1848 Cal. Liberty Head Quarter Eagle
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