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Plastic Capsule - 1oz Medallion Ornament

Plastic Capsule - 1oz Medallion Ornament

Check/Wire Price: $2.50
CC/PayPal Price:   $2.58

Fitted Protective Plastic Capsules with Ornament Hook with red insert for 1 ounce (One Ounce) medallions and rounds.

These plastic caps specifically fit SilverTowne Minted 1oz silver rounds and medallions.

Fitted Protective Plastic Capsules for 1oz Size Silver Rounds

Being an Air-Tite Direct Fit holder, these are made of acrylic and are non-PVC.

Display your investment with fitted plastic capsules that can easily hang as an ornament! Made to perfectly fit any SilverTowne Minted 1oz silver rounds, protecting them from potential scratches, fingerprints and other common handling marks. Capsule can have string or hook added to hang.