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Genghis Kahn Legendary Warriors Series 1oz .999 Silver Medallion 3pc

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Genghis Kahn Legendary Warriors Series 1oz .999 Silver Medallion 3pc


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Ghengis Khan Legendary Warriors Series 1 Troy Ounce (oz) .999 Fine Silver Medallion (Round) - 3 Piece Lot

As the fifth release in the exclusive Warriors Series this silver round features Ghengis Khan. The first in the series is Eric Bloodaxe, the second being Julius Caesar, the third being Achilles and, the fourth being Alexander The Great. The round commemorates Ghengis Khan, He amassed more than twice as much territory as any other person in history through both brutal conquest and savvy alliances. Genghis Khan's warrior legacy continued through his descendants, who expanded his empire. The expansion of the Mongol Empire helped the Silk Road flourish again, which allowed for the exchange of trade ideas and cultures to travel between Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

The year of Temüjin's(Ghengis Khan) birth is disputed, as historians favor different dates: 1155, 1162 or 1167. Fast forward 30 so years, now sole ruler of the steppe, Temüjin held a large assembly called a kurultai at the source of the Onon River in 1206. Here, he formally adopted the title Genghis Khan, some suggest that the word "Genghis" bears connotations of strength, firmness, hardness, or righteousness. Having attained control over one million people, Genghis Khan began what many have termed a "social revolution". As traditional tribal systems had primarily evolved to benefit small clans and families, they were unsuitable as the foundations for larger states and had been the downfall of previous steppe confederations. He continued for many years until the year of 1227 where fell from his horse during a winter hunt. He later succumbed from a disease that many have argued about. Many believe it was the bubonic plague while others believe he was shot by an arrow or hit by lightning.

3pc - 5th in Series: Ghengis Khan 1oz .999 Silver

The obverse features Ghengis Khan the first khan of the Mongol Empire, His companions carried bows and arrows, but Genghis Khan can be seen atop of his horse, carried on his arm his favorite falcon, which was better and surer than any arrow. In the foreground snowy mountains and camps can be seen from what is now known as Central Asia. The reverse then features the common design that will be used throughout the series which depicts an array of historic weaponry that represents each of the warriors to come in this Legendary Warriors Series. The words "LEGENDARY WARRIORS" and "1. OZ 999 FINE SILVER" are curved around the top and bottom of the design.

Singles will arrive in individual plastic flips with increments of 20 pieces arriving in a protective plastic tube.

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