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2023 Achilles 2oz Gilt UHR Antiqued Silver Coin NGCX MS10 Legendary Warriors Label

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2023 Achilles 2oz Gilt UHR Antiqued Silver Coin NGCX MS10 Legendary Warriors Label

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2023 Achilles 2oz Gilt UHR(Ultra High Relief) Antiqued Silver Coin NGCX MS10 Legendary Warriors Label

As the third release in the exclusive Warriors Series this silver round features Achilles. The first in the series is Eric Bloodaxe, the second being Julius Caesar. The round commemorates Achilles, a Legendary Greek Mythology figure who was invulnerable aside from his heel. The reason for this is because as Achilles' mother had dipped him into the River Styx while holding him by the heel which left it susceptible to injury and harm. Known for his unmatched strength, invincibility and unwavering pursuit of vengeance, Achilles Symbolizes courage and determination. As the greatest warrior of the Trojan War, his legend continues to captivate generations, and this commemorative round immortalizes his legacy for numismatic enthusiasts and fans of ancient mythology alike.

As a member of the army of Agamemnon, Achilles was a hero of the Trojan war. Because of his heroic bravery he was thought to be the most successful soldier in the Greek army. Achilles annihilated Troy and the surrounding areas, taking 12 cities over a 9-ear period. In the 10th year of the war, a disagreement between Agamemnon and Achilles developed. This animosity resulted in the wrath of Apollo who was said to have wiped out Agamemnon's camp with an outbreak of disease. Eventually, Achilles and Agamemnon reconciled. In a fit of vengeance, Achilles killed Hector and then desecrated his body by dragging it behind his chariot, delivering it to King Priam. However, Achilles met his own demise in battle when he was struck by Paris' arrow, guided by Apollo, which pierced his vulnerable heel.

2023 Achilles 2oz Gilt UHR Antiqued Silver Coin NGCX MS10 Legendary Warriors Label

The Obverse Features The Invincible Achilles in the foreground wearing his personal war attire holding his Legendary Gold weapon of choice the Pelian Spear in which no other man could wield and also his Gold Shield crafted by Hephaistos himself. The battle of Troy rages on in the background, roaring flames, billowing smoke cloud, soldiers fighting to the death in intense conflict. The reverse then features the common design that will be used throughout the series which depicts an array of historic weaponry that represents each of the warriors to come in this Legendary Warriors Series. The words "LEGENDARY WARRIORS" and "1. OZ 999 FINE SILVER" are curved around the top and bottom of the design.

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