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Julius Caesar Legendary Warriors Series 1oz .999 Silver Medallion 5pc

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Julius Caesar Legendary Warriors Series 1oz .999 Silver Medallion 5pc

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Julius Caesar Legendary Warriors Series 1 Troy Ounce (oz) .999 Fine Silver Medallion (Round) - 5 Piece Lot

As the second release in the exclusive Warrior Series this silver round features Julius Caesar. (The first in the series is Eric Bloodaxe.) This 1 oz of .999 fine Silver Round features one of Roman history's most noted but not beloved leaders, Julius Caesar. As head of the government, he formulated social, land, and governmental reforms, which included the creation of the Julian calendar. During his reign, Caesar also centralized the bureaucracy of the Republic. Today, his political philosophy, known as Caesarism, still inspires individuals. His documentation of the Gallic and Civil wars earn him an additional accolade as a historian.

The root of the distinction of not being a beloved leader is attributed to his merciless and aggressive nature toward his opponents both in battle and politics. His death, at the hands of approximately 40 Roman Senators, led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. Beyond his military and political achievements, Julius Caesar is also renowned for his orations and prose. In all, Julius Caesar symbolizes power, ambition, and leadership.

5pc - 2nd Series: Julius Caesar 1oz .999 Silver

The obverse depicts Julius Caesar holding his mighty sword (Crocea Mors - Latin for "Yellow Death" also would have most likely been a bronze gladius) ready for battle in front of a roman building. His name "JULIUS CAESAR" is curved around the top edge. The reverse then features the common design that will be used throughout the series which depicts an array of historic weaponry that represents each of the warriors to come in this Legendary Warriors Series. The words "LEGENDARY WARRIORS" and "1.OZ 999 FINE SILVER" are curved around the top and bottom of the design.

Singles will arrive in individual plastic flips with increments of 20 pieces arriving in a protective plastic tube.

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