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1991 D USO Silver Dollar BU Coin in OGP

1991 D USO Silver Dollar BU Coin in OGP


1991 Denver Mint (D) United Service Organizations (USO) 50th Anniversary Silver Dollar Commemorative Coin BU (90% Silver) in Original Government Packaging

This coin was minted by the Department of the Treasury, United States Mint, in accordance with legislation passed by Congress and signed into Public Law 101-404 by President George Bush on October 2,1990. This coin is legal tender of the United States.

Condition: Uncirculated
Date: 1991
Mint: Denver
Diameter: 1.50 in (38.10mm) - US Silver Dollar Size
Fineness: 900 Fine/90% Silver
Weight: 26.730 grams
Content: Silver: .76 troy oz.

Copper: .09 troy oz (2.67g)
Design: Obverse: USO Pennant and the words "50th Anniversary" in script.

Reverse: Eagle perched atop globe symbolizing USO services worldwide and anniversary theme: "Fifty Years Service to Service People."
Designers: Obverse: Robert Lamb

Reverse: John Mercanti