NEW RELEASE: Sunflower 1oz .999 Silver Bar

It is not all the time that we get to introduce a new silver bullion option. While it’s something that we would often like to do, time and production specifics take a toll on our already busy schedule producing our current (and very large) selection. However, now is one of those times we get to offer a brand new silver option!

The sunflower, or biologically known as and classified as Helianthus, are primarily seen in North and South America. There are nearly 70 species of plants in the Asteraceae family for which the sunflower is found. Some of the species are grown for their large size and flower heads while others are cultivated for their seeds. The most common sunflower species is an annual herb that features brown, yellow, or purple petals. Seen in a number of ways including seed and oil yield for consumption, they are also grown for ornamental value.

Sunflowers themselves symbolize loyalty and adoration in large part due to the myth of Clytie and Apollo. In Greek mythology, Clytie (a nymph) was in love with Apollo who was the God of Sun. He also loved her in the beginning but then drew his attention to another nymph. With jealousy, Clytie would tell the other nymph’s father who would then punish his daughter by burying her alive. Apollo would become so angry that he turned Clytie into a sunflower. As her love for Apollo remained strong regardless, she would watch him move across the sky every day as sunflowers do.

The flower’s association with the sun also brings happiness and is often associated with brightening someone’s mood. In different cultures, they also represent vitality and good luck. No matter the country, the flower has a long history of bringing about positivity.

Sunflower 1oz .999 Silver Bar

Custom minted in Winchester, Indiana, the obverse of this brand new .999 fine silver bar features a single detailed sunflower in full bloom. Resembling “rays of sunshine”, each of the petals are distinctive in an intricate design. The reverse features our standard non-dated design that includes the weight (ONE OUNCE) and purity (.999 FINE SILVER) designated around the area left blank for optional engraving.

Arriving in a protective plastic capsule, your Sunflower ingot will fit snugly inside a premium dark grey foam insert that then fits directly into our in-house designed SilverTowne gift box with natural kraft paper made from recycled materials within the USA. Top this sunshine-filled silver gift off with a Yellow Ribbon Box Sleeve or choose from a number of other alternate packaging options upon checkout! No gift wrapping is needed!

If you are interested in the enameled version, you can find it here.


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Sunflower 1oz .999 Silver Bar in Gift Box
Close Up of Plain Sunflower 1oz .999 Silver Bar
Hand-Enameled Sunflower 1oz .999 Silver Bar in Gift Box
Close Up of Hand-Enameled Sunflower 1oz .999 Silver Bar