Coming Your Way Via the United States Mint's Production Schedule

We will go ahead and say it: 2021 has been a rollercoaster in numismatics. While 2020 proved to be unmatched in dramatics, this year has been chalked full of big releases and even bigger events surrounding the United States Mint and how they have operated those releases. While we cannot do much about the latter, we can keep you as up-to-date as they allow us to be via their production schedule. And while you think the best has already been done, this next half of the year is coming for the title.

Perhaps the biggest release of the year, aside from the bullion edition that does not grace the production schedule, is the 2021 Proof American Eagle One-Ounce Silver Coin with the Type 2 Reverse, or Eagle Landing Reverse. Originally slated for July 1st, the Mint has very recently moved it to July 20th. It will be the first reverse change for the program that got its start in 1986 as the year 2021 marks the American Eagle Program’s 35th Anniversary. The Proof coin from West Point will hold an initial product limit of 300,000 and be available for $73.00. While the reverse is the most talked about change for the coin, the not-so-much talked about obverse will also hold a change in addition to the anti-counterfeit reeded edge variation. The updated obverse will be a closer representation of Adolph A. Weinman’s original design as his artist trademark will be visible just below the “IN GOD WE TRUST” inscription.

Following just over a week later is the 2021 Proof American Eagle Gold Four-Coin Set with its updated reverse featuring a portrayal of an eagle. While the set from West Point will be available with a product limit of just 10,250, each fractional piece of the set will also be available for individual sale. The one-ounce coin holds a product limit of 5,625, the half-ounce with a 2,000 limit, the quarter-ounce with a 3,375 limit, and the tenth-ounce with a 10,000 limit.

Making their reemergence on the production schedule on August 3rd are the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars with both the ‘D’ mintmark and ‘S’ mintmark for Denver and San Francisco. Holding true to their original details, each coin will be available for $85 and have a product limit of just 175,000. Household item limits have now been dropped to three.

Two days later on August 5th, a unique item featuring both a tenth-ounce gold American Eagle with both the Type 1 and Type 2 reverses will be available. Called the 2021 American Eagle One-Tenth Ounce Gold Two-Coin Set Designer Edition, both the product and mintage limits are capped at 5,000 and will be produced at West Point. It has also been announced by the Mint that there will be a limited number of hand-signed Certificates of Authenticity by Mint Director David J. Ryder.

August 10th will see the rounding out of the final coins of the 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. The Mint, as of right now, will be offering the Philadelphia minted Morgan and Peace dollar for purchase. Both available for $85, the Morgan has a product limit of 175,000 while the Peace dollar has a product limit of 200,000. Each has household limits of three.

Mid-August is targeted for the release of the second Proof American Silver Eagle with the new Eagle Landing reverse for 2021. Struck at San Francisco, there is currently no product information available. On August 19th, a new American Liberty One-Ounce Gold Coin will be released. While the Mint’s website does not unveil any details or images of the coin currently, it can only be assumed it will feature the obverse with a wild American Mustang horse bucking off a saddle as unveiled in their most recent marketing campaign material called “2021 Collector’s Guide.” While the reverse design will feature a more Mint-like approach in the depiction of a strong eagle, the new obverse leans more modern rather than traditional although representing the “throwing off of the yoke of British rule during the American Revolution.”

August 24th will represent yet another bigtime release as a 2021 American Eagle Silver Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set is etched down on the calendar. While the set will contain a coin from San Francisco and a coin from West Point, the Mint has not revealed any more details than what is deemed self-explanatory.

Stay tuned for more information as the Mint releases it. As always, dates and items are subject to change.