July is Sarcoma/Bone Cancer Awareness Month: Spreading Awareness Through Silver

As we enter the core of the summer months, it is important to reflect on more than just those summer days and moments that we as humans have come to live for. While every month brings awareness to different cancer-related illnesses, disease, and prevention, it is also a reminder that we are just human. Everyone knows someone who has had or will have cancer or a related disease at some point in their life. The month of July is host to two major cancer awarenesses: Sarcoma and Bone Cancer.

Sarcoma is a rare cancer in adults as it makes up just about 1% of all adult cancers out there. It is more common in children and makes up about 20% of all childhood cancers. The biggest thing with this illness is that, according to the Sarcoma Foundation of America, it is made up of many different subtypes as it can occur from tissue structures or in non-tissue structures like bones. The tissue structures include nerves, muscles, joints, fat, and blood vessels which are referred to as the body’s connective tissues and are found everywhere on the body. Common cancers include Breast Sarcoma, Stomach Sarcoma, Lung Sarcoma, Ovarian Sarcoma, and more. Also according to the SFA, more than 50,000 patients in addition to their families struggle with a sarcoma diagnosis at any given time. More than 16,000 new cases are diagnosed while nearly 7,000 individuals die each year from the disease.

If a patient is diagnosed with Non-Soft Tissue Sarcomas, it generally means that they have been diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. This cancer develops in growing bones, which is the reason that it occurs more frequently in children and young adults than in older adults. A type of bone cancer called Chondrosarcoma, which occurs in cartilage, is more common among adults.

Yellow Ribbons Supporting Other Causes

Yellow ribbons represent awareness for more than just Sarcoma and Bone Cancer. Other cancer-related illnesses and disease that use this color ribbon are but not limited to Bladder Cancer, Endometriosis, Liver Cancer, Liver Disease, Osteosarcoma, Spina Bifida, and Suicide Prevention.

Show Your Support With Silver

Custom minted at our own SilverTowne Mint in Winchester, Indiana, these .999 pure silver bullion rounds are exclusive to SilverTowne. With an obverse that features an awareness ribbon atop the words “FAITH, STRENGTH, LOVE, FIGHT, COURAGE, AND HOPE” in bold letters, these words alone stand for encouragement and support. The reverse features our standard non-dated design with the weight and purity designations of “1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver” encompassing a ‘blank’ area designated for personalization with optional custom engraving.

Spreading awareness with the unique gift of silver is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Developed nearly two years ago by an experienced in-house team, this addition to our special occasion silver is truly something to be proud of. Commemorate those you love with a powerful message of support and hope while spreading awareness with this special piece.

As our custom packaging completes your gift, choose a yellow ribbon custom outer sleeve to represent the cause and awareness of Sarcoma and Bone Cancer. Gift wrapping is no longer needed with this option. With the addition of a natural kraft gift box made with recycled materials within the USA, your silver bullion awareness ribbon medallion will fit snugly within a fitted plastic capsule that is cradled by a custom foam insert.

Featured Product: Awareness Ribbon Silver Medallion

Awareness Ribbon 1oz .999 Silver Medallion Close Up
Awareness Ribbon Silver Medallion and Silver American Eagle 2pc Box Set
Awareness Ribbon Silver Round Hand Photo Showing Reflective Qualities
Choose a Yellow Ribbon as Your Gift Packaging