SilverTowne Employee Profile Series: Vickie W.

Vickie W., Graphic Designer

Vickie was already familiar with SilverTowne when she was hired a little over three years ago. Or so she thought…

Working for a print and web design company back in the 1990s, Vickie got to know our former owner, David, and Cindy (accounting department) when SilverTowne had print catalogs. Until she started her day-to-day here in May of 2016, she never realized how much there was to learn and how much she would continue to learn about this business every day.

Current Job Title: "I am a graphic designer. I make all the banners and web graphics for both SilverTowne and our subsidiary company, The Coin Vault. I do a lot of the marketing materials for both also. I create signage for the front sales counter and recently updated the look of our permanent directional signage on US27. I have designed gift packaging for our special occasion silver bullion as well as the Silver American Eagle gift holders you see on the web and in-store. I’ve also created the packaging designs for all of our SilverTowne silver bullet replicas. And then, I also design bullion in general. I’ve recreated the sports line, and I’m currently working on designs for 2020 graduation. As soon as this Christmas is over, I will start creating some new designs for Christmas 2020."

Favorite Part of Her Job: "I enjoy all of it. There is always something new and different to design."

Biggest Changes Over the Years: "The biggest one I’ve experienced in my three years is the change in leadership here specifically."

Biggest Surprise Over the Years: "I think that there is a lot to learn in general as far as coins and bullion are concerned. I thought I knew a little about the company but I quickly realized I didn’t know the half of it. Being involved in everyday parts of the business has been a big learning experience."

Fondest Memories: "I think Christmastime is always fun as far as seeing how the new designs take hold amongst our customers. When you work on them all year and then they get released, it’s always exciting and interesting to see how sales pan out and what does the best."

What She Looks Forward To: "Company growth in general. We’re always looking for new products and ways to present products. For example, most recently we came across an old die at the Mint and now we are working on its relaunch. It’s a new “old” design. I designed an engravable back for it and it will be minted and launched soon. It is a half-ounce flag bar which we think our customers will really like. We plan to offer it in lot sizes, as well as having it available for gifting with packaging. Then, we will offer several versions of it by adding enameling. These kinds of instances allow us to present something that is technically old but in a new way with packaging. Being able to reuse an existing die is definitely cost-effective for us."

Additional Thought: "I really love working here. I basically have creative freedom and I enjoy everyone that works here as well as the customers I have met. It’s truly God’s grace blessing."

Favorite Period of Music: "I’m all about the 1980s. I probably listen to more rock and alternative from that period but really I just love it all. Back then I was a big fan of Metallica and now I really enjoy how my teenage son has discovered and loves the same music I do."