Special Occasion Silver Bullion: Fall Sports Edition

While today marks the first day of August and the middle of summer, many are facing that forever “Sunday night dread” of having to go back to school. That also means that while the kids are going back to school, chances are they have already started attending practices and conditioning for fall sports.

While some are starting their first-time sports experience and others are entering their last season as a high school senior, what better way to commemorate the special occasion by thinking outside the box and gifting them a piece of silver?

Fall Sports Themed Bullion

Football, volleyball, running (cross country), soccer, and dependent upon your location and your kid, golf and tennis. We have silver to commemorate all of the seasons!

Custom minted and produced at the SilverTowne Mint in Winchester, Indiana, these .999 fine silver medallions are all the rage amongst our sports fans. With a large selection of sports in general (not just fall), all of our sports designs can be customized to fit your needs!

Pay tribute to the next Peyton Manning in your family as our Football silver medallion is sure to celebrate America’s Favorite Game in style! Exclusive to SilverTowne, the obverse features a football player in motion on top of the outline of a football. The word “Football” lies on top of the design while the motto “HUSTLE, HIT, AND NEVER QUIT” is features around the outer edge of the design. The reverse is our standard non-dated back that displays the weight and purity (ONE OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER) around the area that is left for personalized engraving.

Do you have a senior volleyball star that is on track to securing a college scholarship in her last season? Wish her well and all the luck this season with this Volleyball round that is exclusive to SilverTowne. The obverse depicts a volleyball player striking the ball while the word “Volleyball” sets atop the middle of the design. The words “BUMP•SET•SPIKE, DOMINATE!” are lined around the outer rim. The reverse features our standard non-dated back with the weight and purity (ONE OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER) displayed around the designated area specially designed for engraving.

With many sports themes to choose from, gifting a silver piece has never been easier, more practical, or convenient! At SilverTowne, we have made it a priority to constantly come up with new designs and ideas to fit our customers and their needs. With our sports themed bullion, we make it hard for you to choose just one design to gift and/or keep for yourself. You will want to collect them all!

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