New Release! 5oz Silver Bullet 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Replica Available Now!

If you are a loyal SilverTowne customer, you have noticed the selection of silver options get bigger and bigger. You probably have also noticed that within those options have been a niche of options that have also expanded. Those options are the silver bullets.

It is not lost on us that a lot of our customers are also gun hobbyists and fierce Second Amendment supporters. Hence, the silver bullet collection allows those who collect silver a different way to own it while catering to the other hobby they love.

The newest addition to this collection is the 5oz Silver Bullet 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell replica. While the shotgun itself is commonly used for military, police, and personal defense purposes, its most common use is for hunting game. There are also a number of shotgun sports that involve skeet shooting, trap shooting, and sporting clays shooting. Some of those sports have even made their way into the Olympic Games competitions.

So if you are an avid hunter that also happens to be a silver collector, there is NOT a better marriage than the one that involves a silver bullet replica being added to your portfolio!

Shotgun Shell .999 Silver Bullet Replicas

Made in the USA and comprised of 5 Troy Ounces of pure .999 silver, these silver bullets are modeled after 12 gauge shotgun shells. Custom minted at our own SilverTowne Mint, these replicas bear the purity and weight “5oz 999 AG” on the base (primer areas) as well as our SilverTowne pickaxe logo as a form of our very own mintmark.

Plan on giving this silver bullet replica as a gift? We have you covered! Also involved with the purchase of a silver bullet is an in-house designed SilverTowne gift box made of recycled material that will have a custom fitted foam insert as to allow your 5oz silver bullet replica to arrive to you safely.

In addition to the gift box is an outer sleeve presenting our branded bullet designs (“SilverTowne Silver Bullet Bullion”) and also acting as a dual Certificate of Authenticity reading “.999 Fine Silver”, “Five-Ounce”, “Shotgun Shell”, and “Made in the USA.” Also on the outer sleeve is a blank box area where you can customize your gift with personalization. No gift wrapping needed!

Featured Product: SilverTowne Minted 5oz Silver Bullet 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Replicas

Close Up Showing True Size of Shotgun Shell Silver Bullet Replicas Minted by the SilverTowne Mint
Shotgun Shell Silver Bullet Replica in Custom Gift Packaging
Close Up Showing 5oz Silver Shotgun Replica Primer Area