SilverTowne Employee Profile Series: Jane S.

Jane S., Shipping Supervisor

Hiring in in June of 1996, Jane has seen it all here at SilverTowne. With 22 years of experience, Jane has done everything from shipping and returns to splitting her time between jewelry on the weekends (we no longer have this department) and accounting when she was needed. Currently handling outbound packages and purchase orders for inbound, Jane handles all returns as well as manages receiving, claims/fraud, and all matters within the shipping department.

22 Years with SilverTowne

Favorite Part of Her Job: "I really enjoy the computer work and the hands-on shipping. I can handle everything top to bottom that I oversee as far as task-by-task."

Biggest Difference Over the Years: "Mainly that I now am a supervisor. When I hired in, there were only two of us shipping an average of 50 packages a day. Everything was manually entered in whereas now it’s scanned."

Best Memory: "We used to have to come in on Sundays and ship. We would ship maybe 3,000 packages a day back when it was Shop At Home. I remember they bought this casino hoard and we had a tent set up out in the parking lot so we could ship all these large things. UPS would actually just leave us a trailer and we would just fill that up. All they had to do was come and hook up to it and take off."

Favorite Period of Music: "Definitely the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The classic stuff."

When she’s not here at SilverTowne, Jane has two children (with wonderful spouses) and five grandchildren to keep her busy. She also has her own cake business that everyone at SilverTowne has had the pleasure of getting to experience!