'In The Hunt' For the Perfect Gift?

The thrill of the hunt is on!

As of October 1st, deer season officially started for those of you bow and arrow enthusiasts in Indiana and soon to follow in November is firearms!

The most commonly sought after hunt during this time of year is the White-tailed Deer. Re-introduced in the 1930’s, the deer population increased significantly and led to concerning car collisions and crop damage. Hunting allowed for the management of these concerns and a decrease in the population of deer due to heavily regulated harvest.

According to IN.gov, nearly 200,000 sportsmen and sportswomen take part in the recreation that is deer hunting. Although used as more so recreation today, the act of hunting has been around for centuries as also a means of survival.

Deer Hunting Season

A common 'rite of passage' for fathers and their son(s) (and daughters!) deer hunting passes down the knowledge of basic survival skills. Hunting teaches patience and a respect for nature is developed!

‘Hunting’ for a gift to give this year to a special someone who enjoys the sport of an outdoorsman?

Commemorate a family member’s, friend’s, or your very own successful hunt this year with an engravable White-tailed Deer .999 fine silver one-ounce medallion!

Custom minted at our own facility and exclusive to SilverTowne, the obverse features the head of a 10-point buck! With engravable options and your choice of custom packaging included, give the gift of silver to commemorate a successful season! For example, customers often times choose to engrave with names, dates and 'points'.  Plus the camo box sleeve is very 'fitting' to complete the gift!

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