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American Flag Red Line 1oz .999 Silver Bar Enameled

American Flag Red Line 1oz .999 Silver Bar Enameled

A SilverTowne Mint Minted Bullion Product

USA, American Flag Red Line Fireman/Firefighter 1 Troy Ounce Pure Silver Bullion Bar Enameled

This design is intended to pay homage to Firefighters/Firemen and women and add additional focus to the country they serve with the American Flag. The red line is commonly used by fire departments to show respect for firefighters injured and killed in the line of duty. Also, the red line is commonly known for being the "Thin Red Line of Courage". This obverse/front flag design has a single red enameled line/stripe in the flag directly following the stars then the whole piece is also clear coated. The silver itself alternates the stripes between frosted and proof/mirror-like fields to enhance the alternating stripes of the flag.

The reverse is our standard, non-dated, bar design that includes the weight and purity designation of "ONE OUNCE" and ".999 FINE SILVER" around an oval shaped area that can be used for custom engraving for personal messages of gratitude, homage and/or remembrance to be incused.

Honoring Firefighters & Firemen | Thin Red Line

1 Troy oz ingot custom minted in .999 fine silver at the SilverTowne Mint.  Hand painted/enameled by SilverTowne Artists. By default, this piece includes a recycled cardboard premium SilverTowne gift-box and fitted plastic capsule, see below for alternate packaging options.

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The American Flag Red Line 1oz .999 Silver Bar Enameled is a SilverTowne Mint Minted Bullion Product. Located in Winchester, Indiana, The SilverTowne Mint has been manufacturing quality Silver Bullion produced with the Highest Quality Standards since 1973. When purchasing the American Flag Red Line 1oz .999 Silver Bar Enameled on SilverTowne.com you are buying direct from the source!

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Please Note the flag will hang vertically due to the hook placement on this capsule.
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  • Recycled Cardboard SilverTowne Box & Cap

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