SilverTowne Stackables Trademark Prospector .999 Silver Medallions Now Available in 5 Troy Ounces

5 oz SilverTowne Stackable

In the autumn of 2014 SilverTowne launched a new concept in silver bullion medallions – SilverTowne Stackables™. Minted at our own SilverTowne Mint, the SilverTowne Stackables Trademark Prospector 1oz .999 Silver Medallions have become one our hottest selling silver rounds. Now we are excited to announce the release of the larger 5oz Trademark Prospector SilverTowne Stackables .999 Silver Medallions!

Like their smaller 1oz siblings, the 5oz stackable medallions interlock with each other, allowing you to stack them tall without worrying about them tumbling and crashing down. This makes them very easy and convenient to store. The stackable, interlocking nature of these pieces is made possible by the main design area of the round being inset on the obverse – causing aslight raised lip on the reverse. Along with this feature is an outer rim sporting small alternating bars of frosted areas along with inset areas of a mirrored finish. In addition to creating the interlocking affect, these alternating bars resemble rays of sunshine, adding an extra alluring effect to each silver medallion.

Both sides of the silver medallion feature the classic SilverTowne logo above the familiar trademark prospector with his donkey faithfully following behind. As always, the animal is hauling mining supplies along with the day’s silver mining score. Both the logo and the trademark image shimmer with a mirrored proof-like finish, set on a frosted background, adding to the silver medallion’s appeal. Inscribed underneath the image on the reverse is 5 TROY OUNCES .999 FINE SILVER.

Buy your SilverTowne Stackables 5oz .999 Silver Medallions today to be among the first to add them to your stacks. Be sure to order more than one so you can have fun playing with the interlocking feature!