Congratulations To SilverTowne Silver Giveaway Winners From The Past Year 2014-2015

2014-2015 Silver Giveaway Winners

On or around the fifteenth of every month, SilverTowne randomly selects one lucky winner from all current email registry subscribers to receive a free silver bar or medallion! It could be you – but you have to be subscribed to win. Learn More Here

Once subscribed, you’ll want to keep your email address current and pay attention to emails received from SilverTowne, as this is how you’ll be notified if you are selected as one of our monthly winners. Also keep in mind that many email services and internet service providers (ISPs) have put blocking or filtering systems in place to protect you from email that you didn't ask for. However, these same systems may inadvertently filter email you would like to receive - including emails from SilverTowne. The best way around this is to add SilverTowne to your email address book, safe senders list or whitelist.

And now without further ado we’d like to recognize all of the winners of the free silver from the past year:

o August 2014 | Anne M. – Richmond, VA
o September 2014 | Dennis P. - Knoxville, TN
o October 2014 | Donald A. - Newark, OH
o November 2014 | Uriah E. - Memphis, MO
o December 2014 | Jim C. - El Cajun, CA
o January 2015 | Louis R. - Cleveland, OH
o February 2015 | Scott M. - Bay City, MI
o March 2015 | Paul N. - Ashby, MA
o April 2015 | Maryanne M. - Middlesex, NJ
o May 2015 | Kevin G. - Onemo, VA
o June 2015 | ??? pending response
o July 2015 | ??? pending response

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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Didn’t make the list of winners yet? Not everybody can win – but you definitely can’t win if you haven’t entered! How do you enter? It’s as simple as being a current subscriber to the free SilverTowne Email Registry. No need to enter every month – if you’re on the email list at the time of the drawing, you’re automatically entered! A chance to win free silver isn’t the only benefit to subscribing to SilverTowne email updates either, although it is a pretty good one – as a subscriber you will also receive exclusive special offers and be the first to know about new selections from SilverTowne.

As stated in the Official Silver Giveaway Terms and Conditions, the selected winner will have 14 days to respond to the winning notification email (failure to do so will forfeit the rights to the prize and an alternate winner will be selected for that month). So even if you aren’t selected as an initial winner in any given month, there’s still a chance at becoming an alternate winner!

The SilverTowne Silver Giveaway is open to U.S. citizens only, and winners must have a mailing address within the United States to which their prize will be sent. Prospector Pete, employees and their families are not eligible. So, who’s ready to win some free silver?

Do your friends and family a favor - share this great opportunity with them as well! If they (or you) are not already signed up to receive our free email updates, Click Here to Signup, or join us on Facebook ( and find the signup form in the app section there. Good luck and thanks for being a valued SilverTowne customer!

For complete rules, read the Official Silver Giveaway Terms and Conditions.