2014 Gold American Eagles and Gold Buffalos Have Arrived

2014 Gold American Eagles and American Gold Buffaloes

This is an exciting time of year for all gold bullion investors, anxious to get their hands on the newest releases from the United States Mint. Well we have good news - there’s no need to wait no longer. You can now add 2014 Gold American Eagles and 2014 Gold Buffalos to your portfolio.

By law, Gold American Eagles are composed of gold mined solely in the United States – and as in all previous years the content of each 22k pure gold piece is guaranteed by the US government. Originally introduced in 1986, Gold American Eagles have become the most-traded gold bullion coin in the world. Gold Eagles are available in four sizes and face values: $5 one-tenth ounce, $10 one-fourth ounce, $25 one-half ounce and $50 one ounce. All four denominations feature the same design, only differing in size and stated weights. The obverse of each coin features Lady Liberty, with the reverse sporting a proud bald eagle carrying an olive branch to the nest of his mate and their young hatchlings. In addition to being valued by investors for their gold content, these beautiful designs make the Gold American Eagles prized by collectors for their artistic value as well.

The U.S. Mint has released Gold Buffalo bullion coins every year since 2006, and every year these coins remain a popular choice with collectors and investors alike. This is because of the coin’s classic design and the .9999 fine 24k gold composition. Gold American Buffalos were also the first 99.99% fine 24-karat gold coins ever made by the U.S. Mint. The Gold Buffalo coin’s design is based on the original Buffalo Nickel. The obverse features the likeness of a Native American, believed to be based on one of three possible American Indians. The reverse depicts an American Bison, or “buffalo”, hence the coin’s name. Gold Buffalos only come in a one ounce size, with a $50 face value. They are among the purest gold coins in the world in terms of fineness and metal content. And as is the case with Gold American Eagles, gold for the Gold American Buffalos must originate from newly mined sources in America.

Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalos both offer a simple and tangible means for investors to own gold - and a great way for collectors to add valuable designs to their collection. Get yours today!