Meet the New Benjamins – the Latest $100 Currency Note Design

100 Dollar Bill

The newly redesigned $100 currency note was released for circulation a little more than a month ago by the United States Federal Reserve. Now you have the opportunity to add uncirculated versions of this new note to your own numismatic collection. Collecting uncirculated versions of new releases from the US Mint and the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing is a great way to preserve these specimens for future posterity - not to mention many releases become worth more than their face value years down the road, especially when they are kept in pristine condition.

The main purpose of the $100 bill redesign was to help businesses, consumers, bankers and others to more easily identify the authenticity of the notes in an effort to deter counterfeiters. “The new design incorporates security features that make it easier to authenticate, but hard to replicate,” said Federal Reserve Board Governor Jerome H. Powell. “As the new note transitions into daily transactions, the user-friendly security features will allow the public to more easily verify its authenticity.” Read more from the Federal Reserve Press Release regarding the new $100 notes. Or learn more at

The two main security updates to the $100 notes are a blue 3-D security ribbon with images of either bells or 100s, depending on the angle you are viewing it at, and a color-changing bell located in a new copper-colored inkwell icon. The large image of Benjamin Franklin remains the central focus point on the front of the bill. Run your finger across his shoulder and it should now feel rough to the touch due to an enhanced intaglio printing process. Traditional raised printing can also still be felt across the rest of the bill.

Other highlights include a large 100 in the lower right-hand corner that switches between a copper and a green color as you tilt the bill, and a ghostly watermark image of Mr. Franklin’s face in the blank space which can still be viewed from either side of the bill. The front also features a gold-colored quill, representing that which was used by the Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence.

The back of the note showcases a new vignette of Independence Hall, featuring the back of the building rather than the front. The ovals have been removed and the images enlarged to further enhance the design. The background color of the new note is pale blue, adding a layer of complexity to the $100 note and helping to distinguish it from other denominations.

Add Uncirculated $100 Currency Notes to your collection today!