America’s Heroes: Stories From Today’s Armed Forces, Limited Edition with Memorial Coin

America's Heroes

Where were you when the World Trade Center and other American sites were attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001? Most people throughout the world can remember exactly what they were doing when they heard the terrible news. That moment remains engrained in our collective memories, and will stand as one of the worst attacks on American soil in the history of the United States. Whitman Publishing’s impressive memorial, America’s Heroes: Stories From Today’s Armed Forces, provides an in-depth recollection of that day and the days and years that followed. With detailed imagery and descriptions, along with quotes and stories from members of the United States Armed Forces, America’s Heroes gives the reader a rare look into combat and humanitarian missions carried out by our brave men and women.

The description found on the book states, "The modern U.S. military fights a Global War on Terror – a campaign for freedom and democracy worldwide. Through combat missions in Operation Enduring Freedom, in far-flung regions of the globe like Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, and Northern Africa, and in humanitarian efforts that help spread American ideals and American compassion, our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard serve the entire free world.

They fight terror and tyranny with courage, pride, and honor. They use awe-inspiring weapons and bold tactics – but also kind words for hurt children, and helping hands for downtrodden neighbors. They are brave enough to risk their own lives in combat. They are American enough to win hearts and minds through hard work and generosity.

In America’s Heroes: Stories From Today’s Armed Forces, you will hear from these brave service members, in their own words. This is your exclusive invitation to personally explore the modern U.S. military – and a one-of-a-kind salute to today’s armed forces."

Highlights of the book include:

- Limited Edition includes a World Trade Center Memorial Coin, recovered from Ground Zero and certified by PCGS.

- Also included is a supplemental Service Scrapbook, allowing you to record your personal information of military service.

- As a tribute to those fallen on 9/11, the book contains a complete memorial listing of those who died in the attacks.

- Forward by Brigadier General Daniel J. Kaufman (retired).

- Published in 2011 by Whitman Publishing, Inc. to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of that fateful day.

- Rare photos and insightful stories from America’s brave heroes, as well as others whose lives that have been touched by those that serve.

From the destruction of 9/11, to the training of Afghan and Iraqi police officers and soldiers during Operation Enduring Freedom, to the relief efforts in countries on the Indian Ocean rim devastated by an earthquake and tsunami, to post-Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti and the Philippines, to other worldwide humanitarian efforts, this hardback book in an elegant slip case protective cover is a great tribute to America’s Heroes.
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