Stay Connected with the Free SilverTowne Toolbar

New Toolbar

Introducing the new SilverTowne Toolbar! No, not a silver bar, but a toolbar for your favorite web browser. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, the free SilverTowne Toolbar was designed to make your online interactions with SilverTowne even easier and more efficient.

Almost everyone has used a toolbar while browsing the internet at some point, whether they know it or not. Toolbars most often reside near the top of a browser just under the main website address box and other menu items. Most toolbars are designed to give the user easy access to webpages, website information, search functions and other useful utilities. By installing the SilverTowne Toolbar to your browser, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Direct link to the SilverTowne homepage.
  • Easy access to the most popular areas of, like:
    o New at SilverTowne
    o SilverTowne Best Sellers
    o On Sale Now at SilverTowne
    o Free Shipping at SilverTowne
    o SilverTowne Custom Minted Designs
    o SilverTowne Exclusives
    o Precious Metals Market Details
  • Keep up with our latest blog posts and podcasts.
  • Stay informed through Facebook and Twitter links.
  • And be able to launch a search of the SilverTowne website from anywhere!

The SilverTowne Toolbar is powered by Alexa®, an company. Since Alexa provides this toolbar free of charge, they track a few statistics for the websites you visit. They do not collect any personal information, only general data about technologies used and website traffic patterns. There is an Alexa logo on the right side of the toolbar you can click on to view the statistics for any website you are on. Next to the logo you will find a settings button, which gives you options to turn the various tracking statistics on and off.

Installation Instructions So now that you know everything that the SilverTowne Toolbar has to offer, how do you get it? Just follow these few easy steps:

1. Visit here to download (or find the link in the footer of every page on the SilverTowne website).
2. Once you are at the download page, simply click the "Install Toolbar" button.
3. Clicking this button will download the install file to your computer, which you will run after the download is complete.
4. Follow the steps in the install file, accept the Alexa terms, and click install.
5. Congratulations – your new toolbar will now be ready for use on the browser you used to download it! (You may need to go to the tools section for your browser and "enable" the SilverTowne Toolbar to turn it on.)

Download Your Free SilverTowne Toolbar Today and Start Enjoying All of the Benefits!