Beautiful Christmas Ornaments and other Gift Ideas from SilverTowne

Ornaments and Gifts

One of the greatest joys of the holiday season is sharing family traditions with your kids, grandkids and other loved-ones. Many people have made a tradition out of surprising their family members each year with a new Christmas tree ornament. What better way to carry out this time-honored tradition than by giving something that will have lasting value, instead of just another cheap plastic or glass ornament that will surely break or fade? Silver and Bronze Christmas medallions and bars from SilverTowne make great ornaments – in beauty, durability and the potential for future returns*! Santa Silver Bar

With so many new Christmas designs offered every year, in both plain and vibrant hand-painted enameled varieties, there is something for everyone on your list! You’ll love our Santa Clauses, snowmen, angels, dogs, cats and more. Plus, don’t miss our popular Garfield designs. All of our Christmas Silver and Bronze Medallions & Bars come with your choice of a gift box and capsule, or a brightly-colored pouch with an ornament capsule (so all you’ll have to do is attach a hook, hang and enjoy).

To further personalize your medallions and bars, we offer optional custom engraving in several fonts. This year, why not join collectors nationwide in the annual tradition of bringing home heart-warming Christmas medallions and bars from SilverTowne? You can also choose from several Christmas Box Sets and Silver American Eagles in holiday-themed snaplock cases.

SAE Snowman SnaplockGarfield Christmas Silver MedallionChristmas Box Set

Your generous gift will be remembered for generations to come – that is, if you decide not to keep them all for yourself! Shop for your favorites today…

*Based on past market trends. Returns not guaranteed. For specific investment advice, consult with a professional financial adviser.