Pronghorn Antelope – the Latest in the Canadian Wildlife Series

Canadian Wildlife Coins - Pronghorn Antelope

The fifth release in the Canadian Wildlife Series of silver bullion coins, the Pronghorn Antelope, is the latest wildlife design made available by the Royal Canadian Mint. The reverse of these coins features a pronghorn antelope walking in a field. The pronghorn species found in southern parts of Canada, the western-central United States, all the way down to northern Mexico, is technically not an antelope at all (per scientific classifications), although it is most commonly referred to as such due to its close resemblance. The obverse of the silver coin, like all releases in the Wildlife Series, depicts Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Popular with nature lovers, as well as silver collectors and investors, the Canadian Wildlife Series will include a total of 6 coins. The Royal Canadian Mint plans to release the sixth and final coin in the series in 2013. All of the Canadian Wildlife bullion coins are composed of .9999 fine silver. Inscriptions on the reverse of each coin in the series include CANADA, 9999 and FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR.

The five selections released thus far include:

Wolf Silver Bullion Coin - Showcases a Timberwolf standing on a snowy hill with a full moon in the distant sky.
Bear Silver Bullion Coin – Features a roaring Grizzly Bear standing on all fours at the edge of a body of water.
Cougar Silver Bullion Coin – Depicts a Canadian Cougar leaping over a fallen tree limb while baring its sharp teeth.
Moose Silver Bullion Coin – Portrays a majestic Bull Moose with large antlers standing in tall grass.
Antelope Silver Bullion Coin – As described above, this latest release highlights a pronghorn antelope walking in a field.

As we wait with anticipation to find out what member of Canada’s vast wildlife population will be featured on the final coin in the Canadian Wildlife Series, we can enjoy the five coins released thus far. If you haven’t already, be sure to add the Antelope Silver Coin to your collection!