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New Share Feature

Since you are reading this blog post it is likely that you enjoy collecting coins, or investing in bullion, or both! You are also familiar with SilverTowne and have come to know and trust us as a great source for a large selection of quality products at competitive prices. However, there are many other collectors and investors in the marketplace that are not familiar with SilverTowne, yet. Not to mention individuals who don’t realize the value and benefits of acquiring bullion or spending time on "one of the world’s oldest hobbies", numismatics. That’s why we wanted to make it easier for you to share your love of coins, silver and gold with all of your family and friends!

You may have noticed the new ShareThis® bar that we’ve incorporated at the bottom of every page at This feature allows you to share any page on the website with all of your favorite networks, including facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, linkedin and more. Don’t see your favorite network on the bar? Simply click on the green icon featuring what looks like a less-than (<) sign on it and a window will pop-up with more options. Near the bottom of this window is a "More" link that when clicked will bring up a full list of sites you can share with. So feel free to share away – it’s easy and fun!

No matter what pages you want to share from the SilverTowne website - a hard-to-find coin, a great price, an interesting blog post, a beautiful silver bar or medallion…virtually anything on the site – it is now easier than ever. So every time you visit, help spread the word on the content you find interesting – and share your love of coins, silver and gold!