2012 United States Mint Proof Set Released

2012 US Mint Proof Set

The United States Mint recently released this year’s version of their popular annual clad Proof Set. The 2012 US Mint Proof Set includes 14 coins contained within three separate protective cases. The cases come in the original government packaging cardboard box along with a certificate of authenticity. An "S" mint mark is inscribed on each of the 14 collectible coins, indicating their origination at the US Mint facility in San Francisco.




The coins included in this proof set are:

2012-dated "Commonly-Circulated" Proof Coins 2012 Proof Coins
- 2012 S Native American Dollar (Trade Routes in the 17th Century)
- 2012 S Kennedy Half-Dollar
- 2012 S Roosevelt Dime
- 2012 S Jefferson Nickel
- 2012 S Lincoln Cent


2012 America the Beautiful Proof Quarters2012 Proof America the Beautiful Quarters
- El Yunque National Forest Quarter
- Chaco Culture National Historical Park Quarter
- Acadia National Park Quarter
- Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Quarter
- Denali National Park Quarter


2012 Presidential Dollar Proofs Presidential Proof Set
- Chester Arthur Presidential Dollar
- Grover Cleveland Presidential Dollar
- Benjamin Harrison Presidential Dollar
- Grover Cleveland (second term) Presidential Dollar



United State Proof coins are highly-detailed and feature a brilliant mirror-like finish. The raised design parts of the coins contrast with the mirrored background to give them a beautiful cameo style effect. The US Mint achieves the stunning beauty of these proof coins through their unique manufacturing process, specially treated blanks and polished dies. Order your 2012 US Mint Proof Set from www.silvertowne.com and add these gorgeous coins to your collection today!