2012 Proof Silver American Eagles Now Available

2012 American Eagle Proofs

Sales of the 2012 Proof Silver American Eagles have been strong right out of the gate, proving that Silver Eagles are as popular as ever! The proof versions are nearly the same as the bullion versions, except they sport a shimmering collector-grade proof finish. This gorgeous finish gives the coin a mirror-like look that really shines.

Silver American Eagles are the best-selling silver bullion coin in the world, and are by far the most popular bullion coins the United States Mint produces each year. The weight (31.101 grams), content (1 troy ounce of silver) and purity (99.9% pure) of every Silver Eagle coin is guaranteed by the US Government. Each coin features a reeded edge and is legal tender with a face value of $1 (which of course is largely symbolic as the real value of the coin is in the silver content).

If you have never owned a Silver American Eagle coin, you will definitely want to add this popular coin to your collection. If you already collect Silver American Eagles but don’t own any proof versions, there’s no better time than now to give them a try. Get your Proof Silver American Eagles now. You won’t be disappointed!