Enameled Coins – The Most Beautiful Bullion in the Industry

Bullion Enameling Done Right at SilverTowne

Enameled coins are some of the most beautiful in the industry, and the SilverTowne enameling process is as unique as the coins themselves! Our enameled coins are made in America and hand-painted by one of several skilled artists at the SilverTowne Mint. With many years of experience under their belt, the SilverTowne enameling artists bring a steady hand and incredible attention to detail to each project.

Read on as we take you through this unique process:

1) The first step is to prepare the coins to be enameled by heating them in an oven to 140 degrees.

2) While the coins are being heated, the colors to be used on the coin are each prepared as a 2 part epoxy, hand mixed by the artist and matched to a pantone color chart.

3) Each individual color is then measured on a gram scale to ensure proper consistency.

4) Once the coins are heated and the colors are ready, the application can begin. A single color is then applied to each individual coin using a syringe needle and a small air compressor.

5) Between each color, the coins are once again baked to allow the most recent color to dry prior to the application of the next color.

The amount of paint flowing through the syringe is controlled with varying sizes of tips that the artist can choose from. The density of each color application is managed by a foot pedal which controls the air flow through the syringe. Three types of additives can be added to each individual color to help control the thickness of the paint. The full range of pantone colors are available for the artist to choose from maximizing the color combination possibilities. Special effects like glitter and glow in the dark can also be added.

Depending on the die used to stamp the coin, one of two types of painting methods are used. One technique called color fill is where the paint is applied to the recessed areas of the coin design creating a pooling effect. The other technique called the model method is more detailed with the paint being applied to the raised parts of the coin. In addition, the artist is not limited to the front side of the coin only, the back can be enameled as well. Great care is taken by the artist to prevent touching the syringe to the coin, as some softer metals like silver can be sensitive to scratching.

Through www.silvertownemint.com you can order custom minted coins enameled to your specifications to add lasting value and beauty to your own unique coin designs. With so many colors and coin designs to choose from in bronze, nickel-silver, copper, and of course fine silver, the possibilities are endless. Also check out ready-made enameled silver and bronze bullion pieces available now at www.silvertowne.comthey make great collectibles and gifts!

Watch the video below to see part of the SilverTowne coin enameling process in action: