Rare Coins Rare People - Biography of Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson - Soft Cover

Rare Coins Rare People - Biography of Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson - Soft Cover

Rare Coins, Rare People

Rare Coins, Rare People by Jan Chalfant, gives readers an inside look at the life of SilverTowne founder Leon Hendrickson and his wife Ruhama. A limited 1st edition run of the 292-page book will be personally autographed by Leon (no special personalizations may be requested).

Excerpt from Ch. 1, Deadly Games:

"Find SilverTowne. Kill the owner. Kill his wife." The instructions were clear.

The date was July 25, 1973, the same year Watergate occurred, Spiro Agnew resigned as vice-president of the United States, and the Vietnam War finally ceased. As commuters crowded Lake Shore Drive, the gray Cadillac exited the Chicago traffic. Two men were visible in the front seat. The passenger was asleep. On the rear seat, identical brown leather briefcases lay within easy reach. Ease case contained a gun and matching silencer concealed under unlocked flaps.

Rural fields glided by as the men continued eastward toward the Illinois-Indiana border. The Cadillac cruised below the 65 mile hour limit to avoid attracting attention. Two nights earlier, the driver had plotted the route to eastern Indiana. Their destination was Winchester, a small Indiana city ten miles from the Ohio state line."

Table of Contents:

In Memoriam; Ch. 1 Deadly Games; Ch. 2 Growing Up In Indiana; Ch. 3 War In The South Pacific;
Ch. 4 Where Is Home?; Ch. 5 Young Entrepreneurs; Ch. 6 SilverTowne Is Born; Ch. 7 Silver Certificates & Silver Dollars; Ch. 8 The Robbery; Ch. 9 The Robbery Investigation; Photo Spread;
Ch. 10 Who Is Silas Fletcher?; Ch. 11 Silver Boom & Silver Speculators; Ch. 12 The Mighty Fortress; Ch. 13 A Piece Of Paper; Ch. 14 Caught In The Act; Ch. 15 Take It Or Leave It; Ch. 16 The Guilty Pleas; Ch. 17 The Government Appeals; Ch. 18 In Prison; Ch. 19 Faith Prevails; Ch. 20 The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly; Ch. 21 Numismatic Alliance; Ch. 22 The Business Of SilverTowne; Ch. 23 The SilverTowne Future; Epilogue; Acknowledgements; Endnotes; Appendix; Bibliography

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