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90% Silver Coins

90% Silver United States Coins

US Mint 90% Silver Coins - Random Groupings

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6 Results (Viewing 1 - 6 of 6)

Bags of 90% Silver Coins

Buying Silver Bullion Coins has become a popular choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolio in hopes of preserving future wealth. Silver Coins are also popular with coin collectors due to the variety of available designs. Our 90% Silver Grab Bags are a ‘cherry pickers’ dream, with a large variety of coins to dig through and enjoy. Grab yours today!

What US Coins are considered 90%?

Most United States coinage dated pre-1965 consisted of 90% silver. Recognizable series would include (but not be limited to) Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters and Barber Half Dollars (also often referred to as Liberty Head), as well as Washington Quarters and Roosevelt Dimes.