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Mixed Foreign Coins in Canvas Coin Bags

Mixed Foreign Coins in Canvas Coin Bags
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4 Results (Viewing 1 - 4 of 4)

Mixed Foreign Coin Grab Bags

These mixed foreign coin bags give you a chance to own some interesting coins from around the world - coins that are generally used in circulation in countries outside of the United States. The foreign coin mixed bags come in various weights, and may include coins such as: Francs, Yuan, Sucre, Centavos, Rupee, Rand, Yen, and more! Countries represented in these coin assortments include France, Italy, China, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Bahama Islands, India, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Malaysia, and others. Mixed foreign coin bags are a great way to add a variety of unique coins to your numismatic collection - get yours today.  Great as a unique gift too!