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In an effort to streamline our production of silver bullion, we are offering 1oz .999 Buffalo Replica Silver Rounds at this time.
2020 SAE BUs RAW & Special Occassion/Themed Silver Gifts are on a normal shipping schedule.

United States Mint Sets

Annual United States Mint Sets

Annual Release US Mint Sets in OGP

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AS LOW AS: $31.99
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4 Results (Viewing 1 - 4 of 4)

Collect Annual US Mint Sets

Uncirculated Mint Sets contain coins of every denomination issued from each mint for that year. They come in original government packaging, which is designed by the US Government for sale to collectors. Unlike Proof Sets, the coins in Mint Sets are typically the same coins that are intended for circulation, with no special consideration for quality. However, in 1965, 1966, and 1967 Special Mint Sets were made with higher-than-normal quality (as a substitute for Proof Sets, which were not made in those years). Furthermore, from 2005 on, Mint Sets have been made with quality enhancements over typical circulation-grade coins. Shop from our wide-selection of Mint Sets - you'll find sets from every year made available by the US Mint from 1965 through current (no official Mint Sets were produced in 1982 or 1983).