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Platinum Bullion

Investment Grade Platinum Coins & Bullion

Buy Platinum Bullion from SilverTowne

Although not as commonplace as Gold and Silver, Platinum Bullion is another great option for those looking to diversify their investments - and for coin collectors looking for something unique. Platinum is a very rare precious metal, sometimes mistaken for silver. In 1997, the US Mint added Platinum Eagles to complement its Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle offerings. The Platinum American Eagle is America's official platinum bullion coin, and is the only platinum bullion coin whose weight, content (.9995 fine platinum) and purity is guaranteed by the US Government. The 1oz Platinum Eagle Bullion Coins have the highest face value ($100) ever to appear on a US coin.

Platinum Eagles come in four denominations:
  • One troy ounce of fine platinum ($100 face value, 32.7mm diameter, total weight 1.0005 troy ounces)
  • One-half troy ounce of fine platinum ($50 face value, 27mm diameter, total weight 0.5003 troy ounce)
  • One-quarter troy ounce of fine platinum ($25 face value, 22mm diameter, total weight 0.2501 troy ounce)
  • One-tenth troy ounce of fine platinum ($10 face value, 16.5mm diameter, total weight 0.10005 troy ounce)

Take advantage of Platinum Bullion as an easy way to add a rare precious metal to your investment strategy.