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Due to an increased volume in orders, shipping is estimated to be delayed for up to 2 weeks.
In an effort to streamline silver bullion production, we are offering 1oz Buffalo Replica Silver Rounds currently without a delay
and 10oz Buffalo Replica Silver Bars on a 1-2 week delay at this time.
Special Occasion/Themed Silver Gifts are on a normal shipping schedule.

2020 Year-Dated Special Occasion Silver Bullion

2020 Dated SilverTowne Minted Special Occasion 999 Silver Bullion Gifts

Special Occasions Commemorated by the Year

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52 Results (Viewing 1 - 12 of 52)

2020 Dated Silver Bullion from SilverTowne

All of the products featured here will have the 2020 year-date featured on the back of the silver design. We choose what pieces to date by determining if the special occasion has more sentimental meaning being dated by the year or not. Therefore, holidays, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays will normally all have dated backs by default. If the piece you're looking at is not noted that it is dated in the design, opt for personal engraving and include the date!

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