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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Ordering From SilverTowne:

  Do you offer a guarantee?

  What are your shipping methods and charges?

  Can I have my order delivered faster than standard shipping?

  Why do items sometimes disappear from my cart?

  Why is the item I received not the exact same thing that was in the picture when I ordered?

  How do I return something that I ordered from SilverTowne?

  Does SilverTowne charge taxes on orders from the website?

SilverTowne Services:

  Do you offer engraving on any of your products?

SilverTowne Retail Showroom:

  Where is SilverTowne’s store located and what are your hours?

Miscellaneous Questions:

  Where can I learn more about the SilverTowne Silver Giveaway?

  What are the various coin grades and what do they mean?

  Does SilverTowne offer gift cards?

  How do I contact SilverTowne if I have a problem/question/comment?


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