Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Ordering From SilverTowne:

  Do you offer a guarantee?

  What are your shipping methods and charges?

  Can I have my order delivered faster than standard shipping?

  Why do items sometimes disappear from my cart?

  Why is the item I received not the exact same thing that was in the picture when I ordered?

  How do I return something that I ordered from SilverTowne?

  Does SilverTowne charge taxes on orders from the website?

SilverTowne Services:

  Do you offer engraving on any of your products?

  Will SilverTowne help me get the coins I own graded?

  Does SilverTowne offer automatic shipments on government released coins?

SilverTowne Retail Showroom:

  Where is SilverTowne’s store located and what are your hours?

Miscellaneous Questions:

  Where can I learn more about the SilverTowne Silver Giveaway?

  What are the various coin grades and what do they mean?

  Which coin shows does SilverTowne attend?

  Does SilverTowne offer gift cards?

  How do I contact SilverTowne if I have a problem/question/comment?


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