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About Leon

Leon Hendrickson

Leon Hendrickson was born in 1926 in a Union City, Indiana farmhouse and spent his early childhood in Randolph County. After serving in the United States Navy in the 1940s, he lived briefly in Galion, Ohio with his new bride, Ruhama (affectionately known as Hamie). But it didn’t take long for the couple to decide to move back to Randolph County Indiana where they settled in the Winchester area.

Leon soon became involved in farming, started a skating rink business, and ran a rural mail route. In addition to their other income-generating ventures, Leon and his wife became part-owners of a restaurant Hamie’s parents owned at the time. This is where Leon’s love of coins began. As he became interested in the coins customers were using to pay for their meals with, he soon began collecting the more interesting ones. This is how the coin business that would become SilverTowne started out of a cigar box under a lunch counter. Leon started dealing in coins full time in 1967.

Leon is an active member of more than 30 numismatic organizations and a former president of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) and Indiana State Numismatic Association (ISNA). Leon’s memberships include being a life member in the ANA (American Numismatics Association) #LM692 and PNG (Professional Numismatists Guild) #170.

Leon has received many honors and awards over the years, including:

    2012 – Coin Dealer Hall of Fame Award, PCGS CoinFacts™
    2008 – Numismatist of the Year, American Numismatic Association
    2003 – Presidential Award, American Numismatic Association
    2003 – Lifetime Achievement Award, Professional Numismatists Guild
    1999 – Manufacturer of the Year, Economic Development Foundation
    1995 – Lifetime Achievement Award, Blue Ridge Numismatic Association
    1993 – Numismatic Ambassador, Numismatic News
    1993 – “Just for being you” Special Tribute Award, Alabama Numismatic Association
    1991 – Outstanding Member Award, Tennessee State Numismatic Society
    1990 – Medal of Merit, American Numismatic Association
    1989 – Man of the Year Award, National Silver Dollar Roundtable
    1988 – Award of Merit, Central States Numismatic Society
    1987 – Founders Award, Indiana State Numismatic Association
    1982 – Citizen of the Year, Winchester Lions Club
    1978 – President’s Award, National Silver Dollar Roundtable

Watch a video of Leon Hendrickson from CoinWeek on a Silver Dollar Investment Seminar in 1988!


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Leon’s Secrets to Success:

“Treat people right. Everybody’s different, but treat ‘em all alike – like you’d want to be treated.”

“Honor others, be polite, have a good attitude, show respect.”

“Even if you disagree you can express yourself without hurtful words.”

“You can choose to be content and make the best of every situation even if it is hard.”

“Enjoy life every day.”