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1857 O Liberty Seated Half Dime G/VG Condition

1857 O Liberty Seated Half Dime G/VG Condition


1857 O Liberty Seated Half Dime Good to Very Good Condition

The 1857 Liberty Seated Half Dime is a historic coin issued by the United States Mint. It features the Liberty Seated design, with Liberty seated on a rock holding a shield and a pole with a liberty cap. The reverse side features a wreath surrounding the denomination "Half Dime" and the date.

1857 O Liberty Seated Half Dime G/VG

In Good (G) condition, the 1857-O Liberty Seated Half Dime shows significant wear, but major details remain identifiable. The outline of Liberty and the shield are visible, although much of the finer details are worn smooth. The date and mint mark are typically readable, though the stars and inscriptions may be quite worn. In Very Good (VG) condition, the coin exhibits moderate wear. More details of Liberty's figure and the shield are visible compared to a Good condition coin. The stars and inscriptions around Liberty are more discernible, and the wreath on the reverse shows more detail, though still worn.