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(1909-1958)* Lincoln Wheat Cent Set VG/B in Dansco Album

(1909-1958)* Lincoln Wheat Cent Set VG/B in Dansco Album

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(1909-1958)* Lincoln Wheat Cent VG/B Set in Dansco Album

(Missing 1909 S VDB and 1922 Plain)

This set includes a comprehensive collection of Lincoln Wheat Cents, from the inaugural 1909 issues to the final 1958 editions, capturing nearly five decades of American numismatic history. The coins are securely placed in a Dansco album, known for its archival quality and durability. The album not only provides excellent protection for the coins but also features labeled slots for easy organization and display.

Lincoln Wheat Cent Set in Dansco Album

All coins are in VG to Better condition. The VG grade indicates moderate wear, with major details visible and clear. Better (B) coins in this set may range from VG+ to higher circulated grades, ensuring a visually appealing and historically rich collection.