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1883 Liberty V - Nickel Without Cents AU/BU Condition

1883 Liberty V - Nickel Without Cents AU/BU Condition


1883 Liberty V - Nickel Without Cents Almost Uncirculated to Brilliant Uncirculated Condition

The obverse (front) of the coin features a left-facing portrait of Liberty wearing a coronet inscribed with the word "Liberty." The reverse (back) initially omitted the word "CENTS" from the design, leading to confusion and counterfeiting. The design was later modified to include the word "CENTS" below the Roman numeral "V" to distinguish it as a nickel coin and prevent counterfeiting.

1883 Liberty V - Nickel AU/BU

In AU/BU condition, the coin will exhibit minimal wear and retain nearly all of its original mint luster. Liberty's portrait and the reverse design elements will be sharp and well-defined. There may be some minor surface marks or imperfections acquired during the minting process or subsequent handling and storage, but they will not detract from the overall appearance of the coin.