SilverTowne Employee Profile Series: Cheryl S.

Cheryl S., SilverTowne Customer Service Representative

After four and a half years here at SilverTowne, Cheryl started her journey here with us back in late April of 2019. From starting at our subsidiary company, The Coin Vault, to working for both, to now focusing on just SilverTowne, she has interacted with our customers perhaps more than most. With the ever-changing demands of our company and the numismatic hobby itself, she has shifted right along with it and cemented herself as a very important member of the SilverTowne team.

Beginning Job Title: “I started as a night operator (taking calls during the live show) for The Coin Vault. After 10 months, I moved into Customer Service and eventually ended up switching back and forth for both The Coin Vault and SilverTowne. Right now, I’m in Customer Service for SilverTowne and SilverTowne eBay only.”

Current Job Title: “As a Customer Service Representative I place orders and assist customers with any question or concerns they may have. I track orders, set up replacement orders and refunds, when need be, and answer phone calls and emails. I also man the customer service inbox for SilverTowne and eBay.”

Favorite Part of Her Job: “My co-workers. This is the best group of people I have ever worked with, and I’ve made true friends here. I also like to help customers choose a special piece of silver as a gift for their loved ones.”

Biggest Surprise Over the Years: “Everything I have learned along the way. I know more about coins, gold, and silver than I ever thought I would! It has been very interesting to speak with different types of collectors and learn from them. There are collectors who are investors and are only interested in buying products and then they are those that are very committed to the numismatic side of coins and only want certain grades and labels.”

Biggest Change Over the Years: “There have been a couple of big changes for me personally since I started working at the company. The biggest change I think was when our call center moved from our office on the other side of town to the SilverTowne building. With the move I got to meet and become friends with more of the company’s employees and see how the other departments function. The next big change was when I went from working for The Coin Vault to working for SilverTowne. Even though I worked for Customer Service on each side, things work very differently between them.”

Advice For New Customers: “Our special occasion silver is a perfect, unique gift for your loved ones. Not only can it be personalized so they have a keepsake to them from you, but it is also a great investment for them down the line.”

Fondest Memory/Memories: “All the laughs and special moments I’ve had with my co-workers through the years, from when I worked nights until now. This company is very family oriented, and we’ve had a lot of fun celebrations for holidays and special occasions.”

What She Looks Forward To: “I look forward to watching this company grow even more. With the updated systems we have coming and the new projects that are being set in place, it’s just exciting to learn new things and wonder what will come next.”

Additional Thoughts: “I personally hope to continue improving my skills and knowledge when it comes to my position and about this company. I see myself working here for a very long time and I would love to learn how to help in other departments as well, perhaps engraving or enameling.”

Favorite Music: “I love all kinds of music, so it is very difficult to choose a favorite. I’ve always loved Shinedown and Pink. Depending on my mood for the day, I’ll go from rock to 2000s pop to country!

Outside of SilverTowne, Cheryl enjoys spending her time being a single mom to two kids who are 12 and nine. From soccer games to softball, homework, and dinner, life can get pretty chaotic, but she enjoys every bit of it. Other than time with her family, she enjoys horror movies, Halloween, and Mario games, not to mention pranking her co-workers!