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2023 Gold American Eagle Tenth Ounce Coin MS70 NGC Mount Rushmore Core

2023 Gold American Eagle Tenth Ounce Coin MS70 NGC Mount Rushmore Core


2023 Gold American Eagle (GAE) 1/10oz (Tenth Ounce) $5 BU Gold Coin Certified by NGC to be MS70 in the Mount Rushmore Core Holder

Released annually from the US Mint, 1/10 Ounce Gold American Eagle BU coins have a $5 face value and are guaranteed by the US federal government to be a tenth ounce of pure gold. These BU GAEs bear the 2023 year-date on the obverse and do not have a mint mark.

NGC MS70 2023 1/10oz Gold Eagle

With the American Gold Eagles program starting in 1986, the designs have stayed pretty much the same, the obverse features Augustus Saint-Gaudens modified rendition of Liberty and the reverse (starting at the end of 2021) is Jennie Norris' "eagle close up/staring into the distance". All four sizes of Gold Eagles (1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz & 1/10oz) all have the same designs except for the weight and legal tender values.

Gold Eagle coins are the most popular gold bullion coins in the U.S. Gold eagles are made from gold mined in the United States and can easily be included in individual retirement accounts.

Each gold eagle will be delivered to you in a plastic flip.

Weight: 3.393 grams | 1/10 Troy oz pure gold
Composition: .9167 Gold | .03 Silver | .0533 copper
Face Value: $5
Mint: United States Mint
Diameter: 16.55mm
Finish/Quality: BU
Edge: Reeded
Reverse Designer: Jennie Norris
Obverse Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
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