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Harris 2021-2025 Washington Quarter Crossing the Delaware and American Women Collections Folder

Harris 2021-2025 Washington Quarter Crossing the Delaware and American Women Collections Folder

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Harris 2021-2025 Washington Quarter Crossing the Delaware and American Women Collections Folder # 4952

The America the Beautiful Quarters Program's authorizing legislation announced its immediate successor: "The reverse of the quarter dollar shall contain an image of General Washington crossing the Delaware River prior to the Battle of Trenton."

With this change, the obverse design was returned to John Flanagan's original George Washington portrait, with the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the words Quarter Dollar on the reverse, and Liberty and In God We Trust restored to the obverse. Benjamin Sowards created the new reverse design, showing Washington bearing his sword int he foreground, framing an image of his boat crossing the Delaware River. Soward's initials, BS, appear on the left side, by Washington's billowing cloak.

Congress legislated the next quarter dollar series in the Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act of 2020(Public Law 116-330). The American Women Quarter's Program celebrates the accomplishments of American women and their contributions to the development and history of our nation. The law required new likeness of George Washington, and the design chosen by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was Laura Gardin Fraser's 1932 proposal for the quarter dollar. The Program features five new reverse designs each year from 2022 to 2025, honoring the likes of author, memoirist, and performer Maya Angelou: scientist and astronaut Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space; Wilma Mankiller, the first female principal chief of the Cherokee Nation; Adelina "Nina" Otero-Warren, a leader in New Mexico's suffrage movement ; and Anna May Wong, Hollywood's first Chinese-American film star.

For both the Washington Crossing the Delaware quarters and the American Women quarters, circulation strikes are produced at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The San Francisco Mint makes Proofs for collectors in copper-nickel clad composition as well as silver. The clad coins consist of outer layers of copper-nickel (5% copper and 25% Nickel)bonded to an inner core of pure copper. Silver Proofs are struck from 99.99% pure silver. San Francisco also mints the American Women quarters to regular circulation-strike specifications(in copper-nickel); these are not released directly into circulation but are sold by the Mint to collectors.

For the Washington Crossing the Delaware quarters, mintmarks (P for Philadelphia, D for Denver, and S for San Francisco) are on the obverse, to the right of the bow in Washington's hair. For the American Women quarters the mintmarks are under the date on the obverse.

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