100 Greatest U.S. Coins Series: 1918-S, 8 Over 7 Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar

We often cover error coins in this series as it is one of the main reasons a coin is rare. Some are minor errors; others are much bigger or very noticeable. This next coin from Whitman Publishing’s 100 Greatest United States is one of the greatest to come from the 1900s. Author Jeff Garrett helps us rediscover this mistake turned success.

#86 – 1918-S, 8 Over 7 Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar

Produced in significant quantity to trigger demand, the 1918-S, 8 Over 7 Standing Liberty Quarter was discovered shortly after being minted. They were listed as standard in reference material and albums were created with a spot just for them. Created when two obverse hubs with different dates were used to make a single obverse working die, the error on this coin is visible with the naked eye. The “7” underneath the “8” is very clear.

First discovered in 1937, the first one to go to auction was in the Blarney Bluestone sale on December 4, 1937. An Uncirculated coin sold for $25.25 which was exceedingly high at the time as it was during the Great Depression. It was thought of as unique as others were found and they had been in circulation with wear and tear to prove it. Examples today in Mint State condition are extremely rare with fully struck examples impossible to find. Due to its rarity and popularity, counterfeits are often found and dispersed. When it comes to the 1918-S, 8 Over 7 Standing Liberty Quarter, certification is key to its authenticity.

In 1960, the coin was valued at $525 for an Uncirculated condition. By this fourth edition (2015), an example in the same condition was worth $25,000.