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Series 1935/1957 $1 Star Silver Certificate VG/AU Condition

Series 1935/1957 $1 Star Silver Certificate VG/AU Condition

Check/Wire Price: $4.50
CC/PayPal Price:   $4.64

Series 1935/1957 $1 Star Silver Certificate Very Good to About Uncirculated (VG/AU) Condition

Series 1935/1957 $1 Star Silver Certificates were used widely in circulation until the 1960s. Very Good to About Uncircualted condition is a wide range on the condition on these notes because the price change/value is minimal - the quality will vary from showing use/circulation and may have heavy folds or a few creases that break the paper and smudges to no heavy folds or creases. On the face of the design, the recognizable portrait of George Washington can be found with the words "Silver Certificate" above and "One Dollar" below. The Series 1935/1957 $1 Silver Certificate VG/AU Condition will vary and will be our choice limited by what we have on hand at any given time.

Star Notes are unique notes that indicate when a currency note was deemed imperfect in its manufacture process (things like low ink, misalignment, etc),it is replaced with a 'Star Note' that bears a star symbol before or after the serial number. All of the notes in this listing will have a blue seal.

Your Series 1935/1957 $1 Star Note Silver Certificate VG/AU Condition note will arrive in a protective currency sleeve.

*Please note, these are stock photos meant to closely represent the item you will receive in the condition/quality indicated. Serial numbers will vary.