United States Mint Production Schedule Preview For 2021

As per usual, the United States Mint has already released their upcoming 2021 Production Schedule. Some of the items are staples and should be of no surprise, but there are some pretty exciting BRAND NEW things coming our way. The numismatic collective should be satisfied with what is to come.

Pushed to the beginning of this year instead of being released in 2020 due to COVID-19 complications, the last 2020-dated American Innovation $1 Coin featuring South Carolina will be released in rolls and bags from Philadelphia and Denver on January 19th. It will also be released in the Reverse Proof finish on February 1st.

February will kick off the re-introduction (so to speak) of the Presidential Silver Medal program as last year’s medals were pushed to the background. Martin Van Buren will be celebrated on the next medal. The 4th of February will see a new platinum coin---the First Amendment to the United States Constitution 2021 Proof Coin focusing on Freedom of Religion. The last of the America the Beautiful quarters will be released on February 8th in rolls and bags from Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. The quarter will celebrate the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site. Mid-February looks to release the 2021 Native American $1 Coin in rolls, bags, and boxes from both Denver and Philadelphia.

Beginning the month of March, the 5th to be exact, will be the release of the 2021 Clad Proof Set in OGP. It is unclear as to whether the Mint will continue on with the addition of “bonus coins” seeing as to how the 2020 Uncirculated Mint set went without due to limited mintage and production being caused by COVID-19 restrictions. As usual, the set will be produced at San Francisco.

March 11th will feature the release of the American Eagle 2021 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set from West Point. In addition, the fractional Proof Gold coins will also be available individually (1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz).

Stay tuned for more releases and information to come as the United States Mint releases it.

Source: United States Mint