Upcoming On the United States Mint Production Schedule

Since mid-March, the United States Mint’s production schedule for 2020 has been nothing short of touch-n-go. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting hard in the spring, everything came to a halt at the Mint and throughout the country. It became clear to us and everyone else that we did not know how things were going to shape up for the rest of the year in terms of products. However, as we are now sitting in the middle of the summer months, the Mint has been able to start releasing some products and giving some updates on the when and from where of it all. While the tail end of the year looks to be unknown in a lot of ways, they have given us some dates to look forward to in the coming days and months.

Two days ago on August 18th, the release of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coins Series took place. A Proof Silver Dollar, Uncirculated Silver Dollar, and a Proof Silver Dollar and Medal Set were released in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote after millions of suffragists worked for decades prior to the ratification of the amendment. Rallies, petitions, protests, and written publications were organized for years fighting for the fundamental God-given rights of women. Both the Proof and Uncirculated Silver Dollars were available separately with the Medal only being available with the purchase of the 2-coin set, which is limited to 10,000.

Slated for release today at Noon EST is the first First Spouse Gold Coin since 2016. With legislation introduced over the last few years, the late President George H.W. Bush and his co-pilot the late Barbara Bush will be on the Presidential $1 Coin and $10 Gold First Spouse Coin for 2020. While the Presidential dollar coin is slated for the Fall of 2020, Barbara will appear on the First Spouse coin. It will be available in both a Proof and Uncirculated version with the Proof being limited to 3,000 and the Uncirculated being limited to 2,000.

Rounding out the month of August will be the first-ever colorized coins from the United States Mint. To fit the narrative of their already released Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Series coins, they have decided to release two colorized coins to honor the 60th Anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on August 28th. Those coins, a curved colorized silver dollar and curved colorized half dollar, will feature the same designs as the previously released commemorative coins but will provide color in some of the design elements.

The last nailed down date on their 2020 schedule before Fall 2020 becomes the time frame is the 2020 One-Ounce Palladium Uncirculated American Eagle. Set for September 24th to come out, the coin does not hold much detail other than that it is minted at West Point.

Fall 2020 looks to become a critical United States Mint release period. Heavy hitters like the San Francisco minted Proof American Silver Eagle, Uncirculated One-Ounce Gold American Eagle, and the End of World War II 75th Anniversary Coins and Medals scheduled for release. Perhaps the most significant coins to come from that series will be the West Point Minted American Eagle Proof Gold and Silver Coins that will have the ‘V75’ Privy mark on the obverse of the coins. It will be the very first time ever for the American Eagle program in general. The gold will be limited to just 1,945 and the silver will be limited to 75,000.

Stay tuned for more updates and information as the United States Mint releases it!