SilverTowne Employee Profile: Kortni B.

Kortni B., Accounting/Purchasing Coordinator

Nearing her five year anniversary at SilverTowne in March, Kortni has seen the day in and day out of her job duties change over the years. From eBay to inventory management to accounting and sometimes human relations matters, her time here has been a melting pot of different skill sets.

Beginning Job Title: “I started in the eBay department doing listings and fulfillment. I was then a part of inventory management where I oversaw physical inventories monthly but also managed it systematically.”

Current Job Title: “I still oversee inventory, but since then I’ve moved away from eBay and was put in charge of purchasing silver and other precious metals for order fulfillment. More recently, I’ve also moved into accounts payable and managing some of the human relations aspects of the company.”

Favorite Part of Her Job: “It does not really change from day-to-day, which I like. I like the consistency and the routine of it. I also like the people I work with.”

Biggest Change Over the Years: “I think the biggest change for me is in relation to all the positions I’ve held. I feel like I’ve been here long enough to where they trust my abilities and I’ve been given more responsibility.”

Biggest Surprise Over the Years: “Probably the change in ownership.”

Fondest Memories: “When I got David (former owner) to wear an elf costume at Christmas. In general, there are always fun things that happen here that I’m fond of.”

What She Looks Forward To: “The business getting better and better. There have been a lot of positive changes in the last year. Tanda, Tony, and Brock have done a great job moving it in the right direction and its appreciated.”

Favorite Music: “Anything on the radio, really. Modern pop and country.”