New Release! The Fourth & Final Coin in the Predator Series Is Now Available!

In 2016, investors and collectors of silver bullion were met with exciting news coming from the Royal Canadian Mint. In early February, they unveiled a .9999 pure silver bullion coin program that would feature a wildlife-themed series called the Canadian Predator Silver Coin Series. Although not much was known about the new series when it was initially announced, collectors were informed that they would contain one Troy ounce of .9999 fine silver with a face value ($5 CAD) similar to that of the already issued Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

Flash forward to 2019 and the Predator series is now in its fourth and final release of the wildly popular silver bullion coins. 2016 featured the cougar, which is considered to be the most elusive of the predatory killers throughout North America. The lynx was featured in 2017 while the wolf was depicted on 2018’s version of the coin. Next in line to be depicted in the Predator series is the ferocious grizzly bear.

2019 Canada Silver Grizzly 1oz Predator Series BU

One of the most impressive mammals in North America, the grizzly bear is one of the strongest animals in the Canadian wilderness. With speeds of up to 45 kilometers/hour and weighing a stealthy 220-280 pounds, it only makes sense that the grizzly would make its way onto the Canadian coins.

The reverse of the design features a teeth bearing grizzly leaping towards its next victim while the inscriptions reading “CANADA”, “9999”, AND “FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR” are featured along the top and bottoms rim of the coin. With the most recent of micro-engraved technology, the coin also features a maple leaf privy mark that reads “19” when viewed under magnification atop a radial line background that is also a part of RCM’s most recent measures of security. The lines create a light diffracting pattern that is used for an extra layer of protection against fraudulent and counterfeit coins.

The obverse once again features Susanna Blunt’s design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The face value (5 DOLLARS) is inscribed on the top arc of the coin while “2019” is shown at the bottom arc. The words “ELIZABETH II” and “D G REGINA” are found at the nine o’clock and three o’clock portions of the coin as well.

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2019 Canada Silver Grizzly 1oz Predator Series BU Coins
Diffracted Light on a 2019 Canada Silver Grizzly 1oz Predator Series BU Coin
Tube of 2019 Silver Grizzly Coins from Royal Canadian Mint