SilverTowne Employee Profile Series: Angie L.

Angie L., Web Administrator

In today’s work climate, it can be hard to find employees in it for the long haul. That is just the way our societal and technological structure works now which can lead to an excessive amount of turnover depending on where you clock in every day. So when someone commits eight years of their time to your company, it becomes noteworthy.

Angie began her journey with SilverTowne in July of 2011 and knew nothing of the coin business. Now she oversees everything in web development and has most certainly made strides from where she started to where she is now.

Beginning Job Title: “I was initially hired as an entry-level webmaster that was in charge of adding products to the web and maintaining them. I didn’t know anything whatsoever about coins. When David interviewed me, there were five others in the room along with one on a conference call. He asked me if I knew anything about coins and I just decided that I had to be truthful so I told him 'no'. And then he said ‘good,’ because his next question was, ‘what was the first year that the Lincoln Wheat cents were issued?’. That is like the most basic of information when it comes to the coin business. We all got a good laugh, so I’m glad I was honest.”

Current Job: “Web Administrator encompasses a lot of different things. Among my main responsibilities are web development/design, working with 3rd party developers, maintaining the web servers, working with product listings, creating & maintaining reports as well as assisting with product photos, product packaging and marketing materials/emails that go out to customers. I also coordinate with the SilverTowne Mint when it comes to new product ideas.”

Biggest Change Over the Years: “I think how our special occasion silver category has really expanded in recent years. The product packaging has just given it the extra oomph it needed and it has worked! It makes me happy to know so many customers are enjoying giving silver as a’s definitely my go-to gift nowadays!”

Most Surprising Over the Years: “I would say how unpredictable the market is still. You think you can find some correlation to this or that but you just never really know.”

Favorite Part of Her Job: “The reporting. You know, it’s always a challenge when someone comes to me with the need for a report where they want to see something specific. It’s enjoyable for me to figure out how to make it happen and testing it, then presenting them with the end report and showing them how to run it themselves in our reporting tool is the best part. Beyond that specifically, every day is different and I really like that. One day can be all about making a part of the website function or look different, then the next we have 20 new products to launch or even getting email content lined up there is just always something to do.”

Fondest Memories: “I think that my first three years here were pretty crucial for what I’m able to do now. I was still in such a learning phase when I was hired in and Brian Jr. (the web development manager at that time) really took me under his wing in those years. He taught me a lot and was also super patient the entire time. There were very long days and several late nights I can remember that now, looking back, were really important to my journey to this position.”

What She Looks Forward To: “I really look forward to seeing how the Christmas silver lineup does every year. I enjoy being a part of that process and seeing how everyone takes it all in. Retail customers and dealers are also so different in what they like best so it’s fun to see that roll out. On a more general note, I’m really interested to see what Tanda and Tony, as well as their boys, do in the business with the change in leadership taking place this year. It’s exciting.”

Favorite Music Artist: “Taylor Swift. Beyond her, I listen to country mostly.”

When her eyes are not glued to a computer screen for work, Angie enjoys going on adventures with her husband Caleb and their two boys, Gabe and Graham. She also enjoys helping her husband with the family business and reading and exercising when she can.